Lynn Cohen

Lynn Cohen has been in the executive and personal coaching industry for over 20 years. During this time, Lynn has successfully worked with executives at all levels within large and small corporations who want to improve their overall performance and leadership ability. She also works with individuals who are looking to make positive change in their lives. Lynn’s clients love her style, her out of the box thinking, her ability to dig deep, her keen observation and listening skills and her results oriented methods.

This knowledge, passion and ability to bring about positive change for so many individuals was tested in a way she never dreamed of when someone she loved became addicted to drugs. Much was learned along the way from her family’s first- hand experience with intervention, detox, rehabs and Ibogaine. After many years of moving through the process of addiction to recovery with her family member, Lynn saw the opportunity to help the families and individuals who were going through this same difficult journey.

After receiving two addiction-recovery-coaching certifications, she began coaching parents and families, who had people they loved, who were experiencing addiction, and soon after, began coaching those committed to recovery.

In addition, Lynn is a disciplined practitioner of yoga and meditation which she had begun practicing herself during a stressful transitional period in her life. Eventually, she became a certified yoga and meditation instructor after experiencing the profoundly positive, life altering and healing affects these practices had on her own life. She deepened her yoga training by becoming certified in teaching yoga to those in recovery or suffering from PTSD or trauma.

Her innovative and non- threatening approach to teaching meditation was having encouraging influences on her students so she decided to bring these classes into rehabs and sober living homes where she witnessed how immensely helpful and restorative these techniques are to those in recovery at all levels.

Lynn’s other specialty is teaching emotional intelligence skills, which happen to be critical in helping those in recovery to learn to manage their pain, anger and other intense emotions in constructive ways rather than self – medicating or suppressing them.

Through the use of tools like coaching, meditation, yoga, and emotional intelligence development, a huge gap in the current recovery industry for both families and those seeking recovery can be filled. By strengthening the body and the mind and by learning to manage one’s emotions rather than being the victim of them, people can begin to take back mastery of their lives.

Recovery is not a one size fits all solution. Everyone learns and grows differently. And the philosophy of coaching is very different from therapy. Coaching is all about creating a vision and designing a plan that the client is engaged in and feels pulled forward by. Coaching is not about fixing the past, but rather taking all of who you are and using that to create a life you are excited to live.

Although she still greatly enjoys coaching executives and individuals, her passion has now extended to assisting those families and individuals dealing with addiction and recovery.

Lynn’s coaching now includes:

  • People in recovery
  • Executive Recovery Coaching for the unique needs of executives in recovery
  • Parents, Families and Siblings who love someone who is struggling with addiction
  • Group Coaching in rehabs and sober living homes
  • IOP enhancement programs
  • Yoga and Meditation programs- both private and group classes

Educational and Business Background:

  • Graduate of Pennsylvania State University with a BS. Degree in Human Development
  • Certified Graduate of Coach University, a two year educational institute widely recognized as one of the pioneers of the personal/professional coach movement
  • One of only a handful of coaches who have attended and graduated from The Evolutionary Institute, a two year advanced coaching program, focusing on visionary leadership.
  • Two Addiction Coaching Certifications allowing her to understand the unique needs of these clients
  • Certified in Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence Assessment
  • Certified Yoga Instructor with over 200 hours of training
  • Certified in teaching yoga to those in recovery and those with PTSD and trauma
  • Meditation Teacher
  • Certified in shamanic studies and journeying
  • Trained in Mind – Body Coaching, Energy Management, Guided Visualization, Reike, Intuition Development, and many other related fields
  • More than 18 years experience as a successful business owner

Please call 215-480-1234 for more information.

Matthew Cohen

Matthew Cohen graduated from Penn State University with a BS degree in Crime, Law and Justice. He then moved to Arizona to work at a Fortune 500 company, where he became a top sales rep. Despite his success, Matthew became addicted, which derailed his promising career and ended him up on a lonely and cold journey through detoxes, rehabs, and sober living homes throughout the United States.

During his journey from addiction to recovery, he faced many hardships and trauma causing experiences. Matthew is currently over two years in recovery and is passionate about teaching others going through these struggles the combination of techniques he uses to stay on the right path.

For the past several years, Matthew has successfully worked as an executive recruiter helping professionals further their careers. Yet his passion in this arena now extends to assisting those in recovery jumpstart their careers by teaching job search and interviewing skills.

His message to anyone who is experiencing addiction is that You Can Recover! He began a podcast series called Rebel Recovery and you can hear his recordings on the Rise Up Recovery Solutions website.

Matthew Cohen knows for certain that his mission is to help those going through addiction to find their way from the dark back to the light.

Jeff Cohen, Co-Founder of Rise Up Recovery Solutions

Jeff Cohen is co-founder and president of Rice Cohen International (RCI), one of the top executive search, training and consulting companies in the recruiting industry. RCI began in 1989 and grew to become one of the 30 largest and fastest growing retained and executive search firms in North America.

He has successfully placed top talent in executive management, sales, marketing and operations roles for hundreds of clients ranging from boutique firms to Fortune 50 corporations. Jeff has been recognized by as one of the “100 Most Influential People in the History of the Staffing Industry” and is a frequent keynote speaker at leading industry events including NAPS, Top Echelon, IPA, ASA and others.

Jeff, a graduate of Penn State University, with a degree in Criminal Justice, is also trained and certified in Behavior-Based Interviewing, as well as, Executive Coaching and Spin Selling™.

Because of Jeff’s personal journey of having a sibling and a son dealing with addiction and recovery, he has become passionate about helping those in recovery re-enter the job market.

Coaching and training those in recovery on how to do a job search, on interviewing techniques and on how to get your confidence back after being on the rough road of addiction to recovery has become a mission for Jeff.

He believes getting back to work is a crucial step in maintaining recovery but knows that it is often a tough hurdle. Not only do those in recovery need to find themselves again, but also because of things people do while addicted, their backgrounds are often met with resistance from many companies who interview them, making employment an even tougher prospect.

Because of this, diligent, disciplined effort is required both in the job search and in sustaining a job. Jeff offers continued coaching support to those who need it during this phase of recovery.

Jeff coaches both individuals and groups at your location, by phone or at his location.